Hello, my name is Jeffrey. I am a big fan of traveling around the world and inspiring others to do so as well in a responsible way. It’s to see the world from different perspectives and to meet people from all over and learn more about their culture.

Travelogy - the study of travel - actually started as a Dutch online travel agency in 2016, but I found my happiness somewhere else. The concept of travelling in a responsible way - and learn from it - is timeless, so here I am sharing some of my stories and tips.

No matter whether you travel far or nearby, there is always something to learn. That can be Belgian Limburg, Easter Island or Iran. So don't be surprised if you see a post about Iran being followed up with Belgium or The Netherlands.

You can also follow me on Instagram as @jeffthetravelogist. I have been featured on several websites and events. FInd out more about this on this page.



The study of travel

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