21 December 2018
The Warao of Venezuela 🇻🇪

Christopher Columbus sailed in the 15th Century through an area he considered to be heaven on Earth. The area was characterised by its fresh water estuaries, where rivers meet the sea. The strong current and the maze of narrow rivers made it challenging and something new. Even for the most experienced explorers. Who would have...

13 December 2018
The other lake of Malawi 🛶

Think of Malawi and you probably think about the Malawi Lake. Covering one-third of this southeastern African country, chances are huge that if you visit the area you will also visit this enormous lake. Lake Chilwa - the second biggest lake of Malawi - is one of the most remote and least visited areas of...

5 December 2018
Visiting a stronghold of the guerrilla in El Salvador 🇸🇻

The Salvadoran Civil War left its traces on Central America’s smallest country. Not only there is lots of war related street art, the fact that almost 1.5 million El Salvadorans fled to the US has given the country a lot of western influences. But there is way more than that: everywhere you see flags of...

23 November 2018
Best photography spots in Amsterdam 📸

Amsterdam as the capital of The Netherlands might be relatively small, there are a myriad of picture perfect locations all around the city. I've been living in Amsterdam now for two years. Here are a few of my favourite photography spots, including the location on Google Maps. From left to right we have: National Maritime...

22 November 2018
3 Amazing day trips in Northern Wales 🏕

Although you can find the wettest capital of the UK in Wales, there is always this bit of hope to explore its nature during rainless days. Prepared as you are you packed your little hand luggage with a rain coat, boots and all. Just in case. But what if it suddenly appears to be sunny?...